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The majority of conditions requiring surgical intervention can be diagnosed and treated in primary care – if the general practitioner has the skills and confidence to do so. With Medicare remaining low for consultations and the cost of providing medical care increasing, performing clinical procedures in your practice will not only reduce unnecessary referrals to surgeons and public hospitals but also increase your revenue and make you a referral option for your colleagues. 

Advanced Workshop in Joint Puncture and Soft Tissues Injections: The workshop can be completed individually or as a pre‐requisite of the Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures. Bundle pricing available for the Friday workshop booked in conjunction with the weekend course in Clinical Procedures or Aesthetic Medicine.

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The Professional Certificate will provide you with a range of foundation procedural skills, including the ability to manage a variety of commonly encountered surgical problems, local anaesthetic approaches, post-operative care, and various suturing techniques.


The Advanced Certificate will help you consolidate your procedural skills and learn the most advanced clinic-based procedures, including the administration of injections and temporary and permanent contraception.

Advanced Workshop in Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections

The procedures are most often used to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and alleviate stiffness in tendons, muscles and joints of the shoulder, knee, or hip. 


This course is for general practitioners only.

  • No previous formal training is required for the Professional Certificate course.
  • Participants of the Advanced Certificate course must have successfully completed the Professional Certificate course and Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections workshop or have equivalent qualifications.

Program Contents and learning outcomes

Professional Certificate of Clinical Procedures

  • Lacerations, leg ulcers and lipomas
  • Abscesses and sebaceous cysts
  • Foreign bodies
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Warts, skin lesions and haematomas
  • Haemorrhoids and anal-rectal conditions
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Simple and advanced suturing
  • Post-operative care and dressing selection

Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures

  • Anatomy of joints, the inguinal region, the female tract, and the skin
  • Joint puncture and joint tissue injections
  • Fitting and removing an IUD
  • Non-scalpel vasectomy procedures
  • Management of complications
  • Advanced surgical planning and post-operative care

Advanced Workshop in Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections

  • Principles of joint puncture
  • Principles of soft tissue injections
  • Joint anatomy and safe treatment
  • Local anaesthesia and safe practices
  • Specific conditions that require joint puncture and soft tissue injections



Your instructors are widely regarded as some of the world’s foremost specialists in skin cancer medicine and business management, including:

A/Prof Maurice Brygel

A/Prof Maurice Brygel


General Surgeon and Lecturer
Royal Australian College of Surgeons

Dr Peter Grossberg

Dr Peter Grossberg


Senior Surgeon and Lecturer
Box Hill Hospital Melbourne

Dr Nelum Dharmapriya

Dr Nelum Dharmapriya


General Practitioner at Narangba Doctors, Qld

Dr Raj Selvarajan

Dr Raj Selvarajan


General Practitioner at Narangba Doctors, Qld

Dr Gerard Ahern

Dr Gerard Ahern

General Surgeon; Senior Lecturer, Medical Education & Assessment, University of Notre Dame; Honorary Expert, Anatomy and Neuroscience
University of Melbourne

Dates & Locations


8 - 9 July 2017

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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23 - 24 September 2017

International Convention Centre Sydney

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11 - 12 NOVEMBER 2017

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

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$845 x 4

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GP REGISTRARS: Doctors in training who are on a recognised pathway to General Practice Registration through a recognised Australian training provider receive a HealthCert Scholarship of $350.


Professional and Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures

The two-day certificate courses are delivered face-to-face in a small group setting with experienced clinicians and consist of highly practical sessions with supporting theory. Participants are required to complete short pre-course activities and post-course online assessments. Both courses include a full-colour workbook with all presentation slides, tools and consumables for the surgical practical sessions, access to additional learning resources, reference materials and video lectures. You will also gain access to regular online learning sessions with the speakers and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have as you implement your learning.

Advanced Workshop in Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections

The practical workshop is held in the evenings (after hours) to meet the needs of time-poor medical professionals. The workshop includes hands-on performance under the guidance of an experienced medical practitioner who specialises in the field. Participants are required to complete a pre-workshop reading activity. There is no formal assessment, but specific individual feedback is provided by the workshop presenter.


Upon successful completion of the exam, course participants will receive the respective Certificates of Clinical Procedures and below points.

Professional and Advanced Certificate:

RACGP: 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points
ACRRM: 30 PRPD + PRPD Surgery MOPS + 30 EM MOPS points 

Advanced Workshop:

RACGP: 8 Category 2 QI&CPD points
4 PRPD points

This program:

  • Is recognised by Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP). The RNZCGP recognises all courses endorsed by the RACGP. Peer review and audit are compulsory
  • Qualifies for Clinical Attachment in France at the University of Lyon
  • Qualifies for Clinical Attachment in Austria at the University of Vienna
  • Is under academic review by Monash University for dual awards
    Monash University may award a Certificate of Attendance for the Advanced Workshop component of this course, in addition to the HealthCert Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures. HealthCert has partnered with Monash University and awarded dual qualifications for several years and will celebrate a decade of collaboration in 2018.


Professional Diploma Pathway

The full pathway is: Professional Certificate of Clinical Procedures, Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures.

This Joint Puncture and Soft Tissue Injections workshop may be credited towards the HealthCert Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures. Examination questions will need to be completed for credit.

Certified Clinical Attachments Pathway

Clinical Attachments are optional and available on a 1:1 basis.  These provide the opportunity to observe clinical procedures and ask questions of the expert performing the procedures.  The procedures include, but are not limited to, non-scalpel vasectomy and IUCD insertion and removal. 

Separate Clinical Attachments are also available for Skin Cancer Surgery. These are available in Australia and overseas. The clinical attachments are 1:1 in Australia and they are in small groups at university teaching hospitals and clinics overseas.  HealthCert certificates and university statements are awarded for participating in clinical attachments.

The dominant areas of study covered by The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 are science and medicine. Attached to the university are the "Hospices civils de Lyon" including the "Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud", which is the largest teaching hospital in the Rhône-Alpes region and second largest in France. Out of the 2630 faculty 700 are also medical practitioners at local teaching hospitals.

The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical organisation in Austria, as well as one of the top-level research institutions in Europe and provides Europe's largest hospital, the Vienna General Hospital, with all of its medical staff. The Vienna General Hospital has about 100,000 patients treated as inpatients and 605,000 treated as outpatients each year.

Recommended Postgraduate Course

HealthCert is exploring recognition for this qualification towards a Postgraduate Diploma of Minor Skin Surgery that is available online and with a short residency in the UK. More information is available on request and an announcement will be made when a pathway is confirmed.

Professional Certificate with Clinical Attachment with Clinical Attachment with
Monash University Medical University of Vienna Medical University of Lyon
Accredited by Accredited by  Accredited by
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine The Royal New Zealand College of General Practioners

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