Aesthetic Medicine Certificate Courses and Professional Diploma


The latest trends in health and skin care result in an increased demand for skin repair and rejuvenation services – and skilled practitioners. Patients with clinical skin conditions prefer to receive these services from a trusted, qualified doctor than from a beautician or a cosmetic nurse. Meeting your patients' aesthetic concerns at their local GP's clinic and helping them to regain their healthy appearance and confidence will build long-term loyalty and add non-Medicare based revenue to your practice.

This strictly science-based, not company-funded program is delivered by GPs for GPs. You will receive comprehensive hands-on training in the evolving field of aesthetic medicine and acquire the medical and business skill set required to integrate aesthetic medicine services into your practice.




The Professional Certificate course will help you develop solid foundation knowledge in aesthetic principles and the safe practice of quick, highly requested and low-cost-to-deliver aesthetic treatments for clinical conditions.


In the Advanced Certificate course you will increase your clinical knowledge and competence in aesthetic principles and the safe practice of the latest evidence-based aesthetic medicine procedures.


In the Professional Diploma course you will develop the most advanced clinical knowledge, specialist practical skills and critical awareness of aesthetic medicine principles and treatment options.


This course is for general practitioners only.

  • No previous formal training is required for the Professional Certificate course.
  • Participants of the Advanced Certificate course must have successfully completed the Professional Certificate course or have equivalent qualifications.
  • In order to qualify for the Professional Diploma, participants must complete both certificate courses in sequential order.


Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Concepts of aesthetic medicine, facial ageing and skin classifications
  • Facial anatomy, facial anaesthesia and planning of cosmetic procedures
  • Chemical peels and topical skin treatments
  • Chemical composition and safe practice of Botulinum Toxin
  • Dermal Fillers and basic filler techniques
  • How to integrate the services into your practice

Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Laser Physics and laser safety
  • Safe hair removal techniques
  • Facial anatomy and implications for safe treatment
  • Nerve blocks and facial nerve anatomy
  • Vascular anatomy and management of complications
  • Botulinum Toxin for the lower face
  • Dermal fillers for various anatomical sites
  • Cosmeceutical ingredients and their uses
  • Business plan for set-up of an aesthetics clinic

Professional Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine


Meet Your Instructors

Your instructors are widely regarded as some of the world’s foremost specialists in skin cancer medicine and business management, including:
Dr Jenny Kimmins

Dr Jenny Kimmins


Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia

Aesthetic Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Southern Cosmetics, VIC. HealthCert Course Chair for Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Chris Clifopoulos

Dr Chris Clifopoulos


Skin Cancer and Aesthetic Medicine Physician at The Croxton Medical Centre, VIC

Dr Dianne King

Dr Dianne King

MBBS, DCH, DRACOG, FRACGP, DPD (Wales), Mast Med. (Skin Cancer) 

Skin Cancer and Aesthetic Medicine Physician at New Town

Skin Cancer Clinic & New Town Skin Repair Clinic

Dr Nicholas Kokotis

Dr Nicholas Kokotis


Aesthetic Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Southern Cosmetics

Skin Cancer Physician and Medical Director at Bluff Road Medical Centre

A/Prof Norman Eizenberg

A/Prof Norman Eizenberg


Project Leader of Anatomedia. Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology, Monash University.

Head of Clinical Teaching and Supervision, Melbourne Clinical School, The University of Notre Dame.

Dr Isabelle Jonsson-Lear

Dr Isabelle Jonsson-Lear

MBChB FRACGP FACRRM FACSCM FSCCA, M.Med in Primary Skin Cancer Medicine

Senior Lecturer University of Queensland. Director Skin Cancer College Australasia.

Dr Anthony Rixon

Dr Anthony Rixon

DMBBS (QLD), FRACGP, DipObs (UK), B.Biomed Sc.

Medical laser specialist with extensive hospital and clinical training experience.

Dates & Locations


8 - 9 July 2017

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Professional CertificateSOLD OUT

Advanced CertificateREGISTER NOW


23 - 24 September 2017

International Convention Centre Sydney

Professional CertificateREGISTER NOW

Advanced CertificateREGISTER NOW


11 - 12 NOVEMBER 2017

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Professional Certificate Only


Professional Certificate Only


Professional Certificate Only

$845 x 4

Advanced Certificate
(Includes Prof Cert)


Advanced Certificate
(Includes Prof Cert)


Advanced Certificate
(Includes Prof Cert)

$860 x 7 

Professional Diploma
(Includes Prof Cert & Adv Cert)


Professional Diploma
(Includes Prof Cert & Adv Cert)


Professional Diploma
(Includes Prof Cert & Adv Cert)

$940 x 9 

 Different payments options available.  Register 30 days prior to the course commencement date.  Defer your payments over several months.


GP REGISTRARS: Doctors in training who are on a recognised pathway to General Practice Registration through a recognised Australian training provider receive a HealthCert Scholarship.


The two-day face-to-face courses combine interactive lectures, case discussions, live demonstrations, and practical sessions. Participants are required to complete short pre-course activities and post-course online assessments. All courses include a full-colour workbook with all presentation slides, tools and consumables for practical application, access to additional learning resources, reference materials and video lectures. You will also receive valuable 12 months web-based support from the speakers and participate in regular online learning sessions with the opportunity to ask any questions you might have as you implement your learning.

Online assessment

In order to meet the requirements of professional and academic learning, the course assessment includes professional requirements and two online examinations.

  • Develop a report/explanation of how the learning from this course will help you with your professional development. - All Certificate Levels
  • Complete a literature review of three articles nominated by the course chair. - Advanced Certificate and Professional Diploma only
  • Document with photographs 25 related cases including application of the knowledge. - Professional Diploma only
  • There is a knowledge-based examination and an application-based examination which are both equally weighted. It is therefore not possible to pass this course on knowledge alone; knowledge must be successfully applied to patient cases in order to pass the course.  The pass mark for online examinations is 80 percent. - All Certificate Levels

HealthCert recommends completion of all requirements at your convenience within three months for Professional and Advanced Certificate and six to nine months for Professional Diploma of the completion of the course.


Upon successful completion of the exam, course participants will receive the respective Certificates of Aesthetic Medicine and below points.

RACGP: 40 Category 1 CPD points
ACRRM: 30 PRPD Points

This program:

  • Is recognised by Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP). The RNZCGP recognises all courses endorsed by the RACGP. Peer review and audit are compulsory
  • Is affiliated with Bond University. Bond University is partnering with HealthCert for this qualification.
  • Has been submitted to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Doctors may join the academy, which has 26,000 physician and scientist members in more than 120 countries.
  • Is considered for APEL/RPL by the University of Manchester in the UK towards a Master degree.


Professional Diploma Pathway

 The full pathway is: Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine, Professional Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine.

Certified Clinical Attachments Pathway

Clinical Attachments are optional and available on a 1:1 basis.  These provide the opportunity to observe Aesthetic Medicine and ask questions of the expert performing the procedures. HealthCert certificates are awarded for participating in clinical attachments. Many doctors find this a very valuable learning experience. Australian Clinical Attachments take place in a dedicated Aesthetic Medicine clinic in Melbourne and we are currently in discussion with Aesthetic Medicine clinics in Naples, Italy.

Postgraduate Pathway to Master Degree

This pathway is suitable for doctors who are mainly interested in the academic study.

Masters of Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Manchester 

Doctors who successfully complete any of the HealthCert courses in Aesthetics Medicine, in addition to any other skin-related professional qualifications at HealthCert, will be eligible to apply for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL is the same as RPL) for the unit “Fundamentals of Skin Ageing” (MEDN67501) which is part of the Masters of Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Manchester.

View the University of Manchester program here.

Please ask a HealthCert Education Advisor for the HealthCert Electronic Portfolio Form and follow the steps outlined on this form.

If your application is successful, you will only need to complete one practical assessment for the unit during a short practicum in the UK and no fees will apply for the unit " Fundamentals of Skin Ageing" (MEDN67501).

Please note that APEL (like RPL) is not automatic. This is a highly competitive "Gold Standard" program with only 20 places available each year. Each applicant is assessed individually, depending on the background qualifications and experience of the person applying to ensure the standards are kept very high. Doctors who complete the HealthCert courses have a better chance of being one of the 20 accepted because the Manchester University Academic Committee has reviewed and recognised the HealthCert course content.

Pathway to Professional Association

Experienced doctors who have completed HealthCert Aesthetic Medicine courses may apply to join the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The academy has 26,000 physician and scientist members in more than 120 countries. HealthCert partners with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for medical training in the USA.

Dual Award with Postgraduate RPL with Clinical Attachment with
Bond University Manchester University
Accredited by Accredited by  Accredited by
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine The Royal New Zealand College of General Practioners

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